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Mastering a healing art should be the ultimate goal of every human being

After studying Medicine at Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, in 1982, Dr Sunita Kapur chose to specialise in Paediatrics. An intimate, personal experience with acupuncture, however, transformed the course of her professional life. Having benefited from the life-altering benefits of acupuncture, she decided to study acupuncture at Hongkong, Beijing and Nanjing (China) and learnt from teachers of TCM in USA, Canada, Korea and Australia.

Intense engagements pushed her to embrace not just a new system of healing, but to trust her instincts and pursue acupuncture in hitherto unexplored fields, especially women's health - from conception to birth and after. She trained with world renowned experts - Jane Lyttleton, Debra Betts, Randine Lewis, in the field of infertility and gynaecology. She started private practice in 1990 and joined Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, as a consultant in 2002, and made many breakthroughs through her clinical interventions. Through her practice, she treats a variety of ailments every week.

Driven by a deep passion for academics, she set up IANM in 1992, with the desire to share the history, philosophy and techniques of acupuncture with a greater number of doctors and infuse lives with hope, change, happiness and well-being. Dr Sunita remains actively engaged in pedagogy and has so co-authored three books on acupuncture - A Guide to Acupuncture and Tissue Cleansing System, Soft Lasers in Medical Practice and Acupuncture Cure for Common Diseases.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning

Dr Raman Kapur completed his MBBS from UCMS in 1973, followed by his residency at Safdarjang Hospital, Delhi. Enamoured by the practice and outcomes of acupuncture, relatively new in India at the time, Dr Kapur visited China, Sri Lanka and Switzerland to learn more and returned to India, committed to starting its practice. He set up his Clinic in 1982 and initiated the Department of Acupuncture at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in 1997, of which he has been the Chairperson for the last twenty three years. In 1992, he had already joined IANM as faculty, to further its mandate.

Dr Raman has co-authored three books on Acupuncture - A Guide to Acupuncture and Tissue Cleansing System, Soft Lasers in Medical Practice and Acupuncture Cure for Common Diseases. He writes a regular column on Acupuncture in the New Indian Express and frequently contributes to other newspapers and medical journals. Dr Raman is the President of the Society of Medical Acupuncture and has conducted and attended numerous international conferences on the subject. In 2016, Dr Raman was invited by the Government of China to review acupuncture teaching centres all over the country.

As Chairperson of the National Coordination Committee, Dr Kapur made tireless efforts to have Acupuncture recognised as an independent system of health care in India. In 2019, he and his team were successful in their goal and the Government declared Acupuncture as an independent system of health care and formed an apex committee to frame guidelines for its promotion, of which Dr Raman was the Vice Chairperson.

For his contribution to the field of medical acupuncture, Dr Raman was awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India, in 2008. He remains actively involved in his Clinic, treating up to fifty patients a day.

Persistence, preparation, passion and patience are the ultimate ingredients to achieve the impossible

Having suffered from eye amblyopia at birth and recurrent allergic rhinitis, Dr Sahil personally experienced the limitations of conventional medicine and was drawn to acupuncture as therapy. After an MBBS from Goa Medical College, he pursued a degree in Anaesthesia and Critical Care from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS), Indore, and a Post-Doctoral Certificate Course in Pain Management from Banaras Hindu University. Committed to helping others like him recover from chronic conditions, he came to Acupuncture in 2016, pursuing a Certification in Acupuncture from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He has since been practicing at the Kapur Acupuncture Clinic. It is his core belief that involving patients in their recovery goes a long way in maximising the healing process and improving outcomes.

Dr Sahil is a Member of a number of associations, including the Indian Society of Pain Physicians, Indian Society of Pain Clinicians, Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Indian Society of Medical Acupuncture and the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies.