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Course Overview

One of our mandates is to create a transformative educational experience, encouraging students to unlearn limited ways of understanding disease and well-being, thereby expanding the possibilities of learning and evolving as holistic healers.

Teaching and learning are a two-way process and recognising that is fundamental to how IANM approaches its methodology. The stress on communication, dialogue and feedback stimulates and strengthens the analytical mind. We foster a sense of community so students can learn from each other and from participating in developing diagnosis and treatment modules for the patients they treat, as part of their learning. Applying themselves so, prepares them to take decisions in critical real patient scenarios.

Like every field of medicine, Acupuncture is based on rigorous research, enquiry, study and experience. It is our belief that in order for Acupuncture to remain a viable healing intervention, it needs to keep evolving and growing, as also empirically demonstrate its effectiveness as an evidence-based science. Our teaching process therefore emphasises a combination of Western and Eastern Medicine practices, to ensure well-rounded development of our students.

True learning is possible through accountability and expanding the boundaries of what is possible. Our students are required to meet stringent criteria through the Course, in order to ensure that they remain deeply invested in the field of study and feel prepared to apply their knowledge and training to the unique needs of their patients. The evaluation system at work keeps the students interested and accountable.

The Course is interactive and covers a variety of subjects, practices and approaches to acupuncture and health. Collectively thinking through their ideas and responding to their perspectives, allows us to remain grounded and address the voids in the Course. The Course is regularly upgraded to accommodate latest developments, findings and learnings from the field. The emphasis is on organising workshops and seminars to allow an exchange of ideas and opinions and encourage them to develop confidence about their practice and ideas, by publishing their work, case studies and research.

Each student who enrols with us becomes a special part of a larger community of people, every individual working towards a healthier and optimistic world.

Course Eligibility

  • The Programme is available to Medical Graduates in the following Fields:
  • I. Allopathy
    II. Homeopathy
    III. Ayurveda
    IV. Unani
    V. Siddha
    VI. Yoga and Naturopathy
    VII. Dentistry
    VIII. Physiotherapy
  • Documents required include:
  • I. Degree Certificate
    II. A curriculum vitae (CV) that documents broadly relevant work experience, professional references, evidence of informal or non-formal study that is completed or partially completed.

Course Curriculum

The detailed course structure ie online content, classroom lectures, course assessment and final examination for the current acupuncture course is available for viewing below.


Code Subject Title Outline
Course A Basic Theory
Course B Syndrome Differentiation
Course C Acupuncture Meridians
Course D Auricular Treatment
Course E Auricular Acupuncture


Code Outline
Contact Session 1
Contact Session 2
Contact Session 3
Contact Session 4
Final Examination


Course Fee